Conclusion- a final statement or end to a matter. This is…


Can’t wait till I see my seal broken open treasures soak in motion coasting through my avenue few get to view life from highest like this brightness brings spice to this quit nice with this abnormal crisis flipped now it’s righteousness might with this power position portion when I listen to heavens rhythms my vision gets driven mission focused success minded I shed’d my past fast on the gas future heading direction blessing nesting on my throne resting haven strived for this poured blood sweat and soul for this white robes shine in this righteousness right fit I was made to carry the weight of the glory of my King God Jesus I sing praises to him Christ made it with-in formed and fashioned by a trial of fire conformed to a faith perspective from the lowest to the highest crown by his GRACE through faith MERCY I’ve been found lost no more sorrow is no more stopped the tragic tears that fell from blind eye’s that now behold Life Christ anointed thankful to be a Son appointed too the abundant life of TRUTH….

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