This is a journey of realization; realizing that God has shown himself faithful and true even though we may not always see his goodness, his favor, & his mercy: it’s almost as if we’ve become drunk on the thought that we have total control over every aspect of our lives- even the unforeseen situations that are obviously beyond our control and influence, this is a poem of those trapped in such a state. This is…

Trust Drunk
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

It’s simple to think that we have absolute control over the days and the ways they unfold,

We hold tight to the graphic thoughts of taking each step according to our own direction, giving correction when things go sideways, not realizing our sight is like rats in a maze;

Be amazed on how in the beginning of each day sun-eye’s rise wide open to all things made new,

True steps taken when one realeases from hand the insecurities fears, darkness,& shadows;

These like bee’s seek the aroma of selfish addiction, control freakin think’n all should follow like lost ships too light flash,

Beckoning the blind to find deep pits to fall in calling them the cauldron of ignorants, running solo counting on self conjured mojo;

Stop, freeze please take photo for this posing idol fitting in a self framed ideal, boasting the tittle of “know it all” yet can’t find rest in nights stress,

No one close to confide in, each devil you name friend, no one close none can come in too invade this mentality “me against the world”- fallacy,

Crying, “how could this be the real me,” sighs when mirror replies with a wink, “just me and I kid care for a drink of distrust?”

Built walls of iron bars no one in no feelings out safe from harm withering carelessly though wrong;

You may say,”I trust the almighty,” yet your heart hides its true intent feeling sour from feasting on bitterness, soul too bruised and thrashed from harsh words repeating, “you’ll never be more than trash”

Broken self left shattered edges aimed at anyone approaching, letting daggers fly like bullets from gun until all fell two, one.

Left next to none dimming eye lies seeing shadows flee from sunrising lighting path to freely believe; now come to the realizing through all time God…

He has been the source keeping heart beating even feeding starved soul: He awoke spirit provided life to flow: He paved the way of escaping the dungeon of disfunction;

It was his Son that was hung, then spilt blood rushed, in the end faith won when one became sober in mind realizing all this time, I AM is the LORD God-‘Trustworthy’….

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