When your purpose pushes you beyond the point of no return, leaving you face to face with your greatest fears, feeling that at any moment your defining triumph will appear hear your inner voice screaming from with-in, YOU’VE GOT TO…

By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Every step taken registers as earth shaken

No fake’n this passion is lit ready to lift energy beams to next level scenes

Expectation screams desire turns into hunger which turns into greed

Selfish for what’s mine no longer waste’n precious time each step leaves caution behind

Out of breath dream killers left shut-up twisted up by their own words sent to bind

No place remains for distractions to find I’ve got only one mission

That’s to make life changing decisions in line with God sent visions

Each step eating away at my pathway gaining ground until my promise is found

No mayday or bailout I’m on purpose so the option to fail is cast-out

I stay in route moving from a stagnant oasis to a flash flood

Shouts pour out when the weight of this press try’s to convert into stress

Surging dreams to the forefront of my mind reminding me why

I’m on this mission giving my all ditching the temptation to fall

It’s these words ghost written on my wall

Words my driven spirit observes when they call saying,

“Come on Man of God don’t give in don’t quit reject the pain when your muscles burn & your lungs scream for rest you’ve got to give it all you’ve got cause Champion is your title & lot let these words resound like a hammer pounding steel rushing like lightning striking the ground let it be sealed these prophetic words revealed;”


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