Mega Dream is a poem I wrote to an instrumental created by a great producer called GRADEAY who can be found at check him out and I hope you enjoy. This is…

Mega Dream
Music By GRADEAY, featuring Spoken Word By LIMITLESS

The closure of my eye’s opens up new skies of Gold plated clouds dripping platinum seeds the ground breaths hope released in atmosphere speech peaks of holy mountain tops decorate forms of revealed mysteries no longer sealed instruction comes with no corruption from flesh is left in dimension level 3 spiritual eye’s see visions of ordained prescriptions handed to Gods oracles heavenly physicians monitor star positions where the carnal can’t even dwell still they lie dead with no avail the carnally minded strive to press into this spiritual rest but at best it’s foolish to them this domain belongs to Men of spiritual DNA walking the paths where dreams play the reachable game hungry for positions that the Great I AM came to attain back we reposes what God gave before the exit of Adam 1 ran-out of Gods favor in the garden ‘WE’ reinstalled by Gods Son here all seen is obtainable promise grasped by hands reaching towards doorways spoken open… Ssshhh listen to the utterance of my epic dreams….

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