An Honest Moment…

At Times I think of the damaging; Encouraging; Weakening; Strengthening Power of the words we use towards the future we are grooming…




Reflecting on this Reflection in front of Eye

I spied into the abyss of this Darkness.

The Deep speaks of hidden treasures I reach up to grasp at last!

Then I look back at the trail left from this pursuit.

Ripped ground left behind focusing-

On breaking ground with a tarnished Hero logo..?

While feelings feel empty-

This Victory is Pyrrhic at best;

How could I have-


Woken from this night terror.

Racing in,

The Memories

-Hurt Bearers

The words…

Fighting to cast these razor edge remarks asunder in the flames of yesterday.

I look at my little Kings resting in the morning dawn,


I stand reflecting on the reflection I desire not to shape.

So I reset my mindset with the rising of the new…

I Grow Up…

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