“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

LIFE is Beautiful, even to the smallest Detail….



Dream Star, Dream…

May everlasting flashes of Brilliance light your sky!

May the warmth of the Sun wrap you tight;

When Night sweeps in, with its Dark intent’s, riding upon Nightmares…,




Beyond hopelessness…

See your Hope’s, & Dream’s break from their Wishful capsule to..,


With Fearless Color, and unique shade’s…

Dream Star,

Dream, and remember every detail when you awake.

For it may be those little details that make Your picture,


Happy Father’s Day ❤❤❤



I pretend to be indistructable. 

Hiding a heart full of love for you, resisting the urge to smother you, holding you tightly in arms. 

A Breed driven to protect and provide all the love required to send you soring- 

Hiding jems and pearls of wisdom in lectures- 

Seeming boring, but, they’ll be all the fuel you’ll need, sheltered in your heart My planted seeds… 
Let my Love carry you in your times of need….❤

Only the Memories, and the moments that shaped them.., Truly hold the value of this gift called Life…

A Fathers Silent Tear Drop


With Ms Hill in the background with Passion I write with a frown when I look down seeing

my young seeds grow in a World I hardly recognize anymore. A World without loved ones

and friends held in thought and memory clinging to the lessons they gave me, their love

saved me from thoughts wrapped in stone trying to drown me in a river flowing violent,

running with violence in tow trying to drag its victims low, but I sowed good seed with

deep roots so no matter how the current rages I keep these seeds and their hopes anchored

to pages where my spirit dwells in-between lines bordering hidden tears… “God Bless the

Fathers that fight with me to up lift this next generation past tragedy, and wipe away

these tears no Man can see…, as they depart from me… “

Just celebrated my daughters sixteenth birthday this poem is from a joyful Fathers heart, I love you baby girl; this is…

To My Sweetest Sixteen

Dear Sweet Sixteen,

I’ve loved you since the first day of conception; I remember waiting nine months for Gods greatest work,


it was and is my proudest day when I held you for the first time; accepting the responsibility for a life besides mine…, Wow, I’am a dad.

My Thoughts go back further when I heard God say a daughter will come first and as I alined myself into position,

then on one special day,

a beautiful baby girl was given.

I’ve watched you grow,

like the seeds of wisdom planted in your psyche,

into a wonderful young lady and hey may be you’ll still need your young/old mans hand to walk you down the isle-

but never mind that,

plenty of time for a Man to find you,

oh! but,

let me remind you that your Father will be performing the cross examination to see if he’s worthy enough to claim your hand,

“can he stand?”

Remember I AM your “#1 FAN”, my sweet sixteen,


“DAD I heard every word you said.”

“I just wanted to make sure,”

those seeds of wisdom still run deep in your head.

Just know I’ll be here as long as GOD allows me. I’ll be sure to make sure you take everything I give, that you may possess the freedom to live,

my sweetest sixteen–