Being the Son of a War veteran I see Close and Personal the effects and trauma brought back from the Hell that is War… Too ALL Soldiers serving & have served to fight for God, Family Friends, and Country… Thank You.



I want too ask…

I want to hear the nightmares you hold under lock and key…


Too ask would mean your worst nightmare’s revisited…

The Sorrows of a War Veteran may never be heard-


They are felt everyday pain from wounds deeper than bone marrow;

So I remain silent-

Question’s in my mind surrcome to violence felt decades old.

I wish for the healing of damaged Souls told to Fight.

Sworn to defend Family, Friend, & Country…

They’re Different now…

If shown or hidden from vision WE feel you.

I would go into what I think you have seen-

I halt my advances of Questions & Concerns when I realized the Burns on memory.

I realize my questioning is bringing Salt to wound,

So silent I stay…

But I can’t help to notice the DIFFERENCE between the civilian peace I enjoy at the expense of the horror of being deployed.


A domain I hope I never see,

But it seems War takes many forms on many fronts.

Calling All Soldiers to action.

I pray the heeling of the souls broken in Fractions…

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