An Honest Moment…

At Times I think of the damaging; Encouraging; Weakening; Strengthening Power of the words we use towards the future we are grooming…




Reflecting on this Reflection in front of Eye

I spied into the abyss of this Darkness.

The Deep speaks of hidden treasures I reach up to grasp at last!

Then I look back at the trail left from this pursuit.

Ripped ground left behind focusing-

On breaking ground with a tarnished Hero logo..?

While feelings feel empty-

This Victory is Pyrrhic at best;

How could I have-


Woken from this night terror.

Racing in,

The Memories

-Hurt Bearers

The words…

Fighting to cast these razor edge remarks asunder in the flames of yesterday.

I look at my little Kings resting in the morning dawn,


I stand reflecting on the reflection I desire not to shape.

So I reset my mindset with the rising of the new…

I Grow Up…

There is Nothing more too say.., to the One who brought us Safely into this World. There is not much I could display, too Say.., To the Care you give to the Generations after me. This Matriarch of motivation… Calling to Life the hidden. I can only truly say to all Mothers this Day… Thank you for ALL you do. HERE’S TOO YOU #SUPERMOMS 👏👏👏🥂🍷☕☕☕. (A repost for the Just Occasion HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!❤)



Listening to the melodies of the day as they whisper and say the lesson’s Wisdom has installed in the fabrics of this,


Today I hear her say,

“Fatherhood has been given,’

‘This inheritance embedded in the heart and Soul built to bare this load…”

Time has caused this understanding to form of,


The Establisher,

The Foundation…

A Father gave the honor to not only bare this response made able to carry the hidden load, a background pillar-

A Father-


Given Charge to aid the strongest, and most delicate of all Gods creation…

Without, whom a Father would not be…

I Honor the Mother of my responsibilities.

The Mother of My Future…

My Woman-

My Crown who shines the emblem of my Legacy…

My Love,

And peace,

Given by Grace, a Dream embraced…


The Moment when you realize the Value that was invested in your Soul, the Hope invested in your Dream… The Love given to you, for you… THANK YOU LORD❤

A Sincere Praise…


My Heart beats, my Voice bleeds the Praise deserving.

The chains of the curse are burning,

Falling into the ashes I leave behind…

My regrets turn into forgiveness of past decisions destroying Self…

This Bloody praise pours from a beaten Spirit searching for the healing Promised when…

The World was Saved, igniting redemptions praise…❤🖖