To Reach the accomplishment of your Dreams… To be able to share the realization of this Gift. Makes it easy to answer the question, ” Who do you dedicate, and Thank for always being there?” in ways no one else could understand, This is…



I thirst to reach this destination-

A Heavanly residence which bent time to land in the reality of my Dreams

Catching breeze my Wings are uplifted to reaches where We exist-

Living in the Now…

Reaching, still, feeling closer with every passing moment.

In a moment a decision is made, changing everything grasping the Dream dangling-

Taking it in grip to give it, share it, gifting it to the one who believed in it.

Even when I depleted the strength to hold this vision in sight;

There was a strength in your spirit which demanded the creation of this…

Dream, made reality, gifted too…

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