“Celebrating a 13 year Journey together with Hope for many many more…” – LIMITLESS



I still see your smile gliding down a golden aisle.

Each step a breath I took in excitement-

Too realize Time well spent searching for a Dream come true...

A ROOM full, but to Me, it’s just me and you.

Silence fills the room as we vocalize our devotions to one another.

Beautiful is the scene as I crown my queen with her Ring,

“I DO…”

” Love you…”

To Reach the accomplishment of your Dreams… To be able to share the realization of this Gift. Makes it easy to answer the question, ” Who do you dedicate, and Thank for always being there?” in ways no one else could understand, This is…



I thirst to reach this destination-

A Heavanly residence which bent time to land in the reality of my Dreams

Catching breeze my Wings are uplifted to reaches where We exist-

Living in the Now…

Reaching, still, feeling closer with every passing moment.

In a moment a decision is made, changing everything grasping the Dream dangling-

Taking it in grip to give it, share it, gifting it to the one who believed in it.

Even when I depleted the strength to hold this vision in sight;

There was a strength in your spirit which demanded the creation of this…

Dream, made reality, gifted too…

Some say True Love is a Fantasy. Some say it lays hidden where the Imaginations are aloft in the Clouds… I say I have found a place I have sought for… I have overcome the Lies FEAR, of betrayal has imprinted its singeing scares upon Flesh, Now mended, and Finally…



Feeling blessed to be able to stay and lay in your hands my heart to Rest.

Trust has been difficult for me-

My heart, hidden behind insecurities while Life reaches in unlocking Me…

Learning through the Day,

that perception is seen,

A reflection of Me;

Now I see the flowed Perfection that is Me…

I hand you my most Value kept in this possession,

Valuable and fragile..,

This part of Me…

The Trust we’ve built freed me from the Cells of,


In Your hands, my Heart finally rests protected-

A whisper is heard in rhythmic beats soothing,


“Hold Me…”

“Finally I’m where I want to be…”


What is This Love? WHY is it so STRONG? These Hearts… These Souls… WHY..? ❤



Two Hearts beating in synchronicity living a Love carefree.

Just Free to Be.

To Trust…

To Dream together holding each, as if to let go would mean suffocation, an existence trapped in lowliness.

They Rest Knowing this is the place our hearts have called Home…

Hands, open up to a promise to hold, protect, Love, and Treasure.

Held in the care of another, Love, their Foundation.

For what is Love without Trust shared in Life told true.

This Love Story fit for Two Hearts

Beating as One…

I rest in the thought warmed by the sight of you… My True




Dream of laying in your arms,

Two hearts far from harm,

Resting in the bliss of an endless kiss…

Souls singing an eternal melody of Light, sipping the elixer of LIFE…

In delight they dance-

The Star’s sing of romance,


TRUE Love…

“Our Love…”