We have had way to many tragedies lately envolving racism in the U.S. which ended in the murder of young black men and women; why can’t we understand that the only chance we have as a race of humans is to put down and abolish these petty hatreds toward one another!!! I guess where just too…



I hold on to the dream of a King;

dreaming of a world-wide accord,  

people actually striving together to reach the finish-line at the same-time;

if we all walked with one mind disagreements would become hard to find

walking with eye’s open,

wide is the view as we push through hatred, bigotry, and racism

finally able to see we all bleed the same scarlet shade,  

so why can’t we be sista’s and brotha’s?  

I guess we missed the memo:

“this just in we all stem from the same origin”,

so why can’t we be kin?

is it because of the color of our skin or are we just too fractured with-in

unable to call each other brethren “human race” broken and separate I guess when it comes to

world peace I’m somewhat of a skeptic  


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