My Heart is heavy today With the many injustices and wrongful killings occurring World wide; with the many rights of our fellow citizens being ignored; and even the slaughter of our children under the name of justice…, these tears I shed are for those true peace keepers who have fallen in the line of duty and for those who have fallen simply because they fit a stereotype; These tears fall carrying the weight of the innocent, the pain of a Mothers loss, the pain of a Father wishing his life was traded to pay for his Sons cost, the pain of Best friends we will never see again due to the color of their skin…. This is the prayer of the MANY Tears I shed even now….



They wont stop falling!

These Tears demand Justice!

These Tears call from deep with-in born from our ancestors and kin;

Who struggled to be heard, muffled under the sounds of whips, chains, and screams-



They demand that the price of a life requires re-appraisal,

let’s just put it all on the table-

We are being targeted due to social labels-

Rights dismissed under the cloak of maintaining economical balance.

WE must rise-up to the challenge of breaking this cycle,

Under the gun or in front of some, “WE must all stand together to protest this violence-

Screaming that we are more than insignificant!”


Our Tears fall the same! They reverberate a message of distress,


are trying to heel a nations pain!”

Feel our Tears fall from faces of many shades, crying out for the heeling of a nations rage….

WE owe it to all who have shed these same tears mingled with the blood of our past!

WE owe it to the future to pave a evergreen path!

WE owe it to Sanford, Florida;

WE owe it to Ferguson, Missouri;

WE owe it to Seattle, Washington;

WE owe it to the untold blood shed over rascal divides,



WE OWE it to our children, to our future, and to our past.

OUR, tears demand this-

A world heeled from indifference,

WE, owe it to ourselves….!

It’s our World to change…!

Aren’t you tired of ignoring the tears of your pain….?

We have had way to many tragedies lately envolving racism in the U.S. which ended in the murder of young black men and women; why can’t we understand that the only chance we have as a race of humans is to put down and abolish these petty hatreds toward one another!!! I guess where just too…



I hold on to the dream of a King;

dreaming of a world-wide accord,  

people actually striving together to reach the finish-line at the same-time;

if we all walked with one mind disagreements would become hard to find

walking with eye’s open,

wide is the view as we push through hatred, bigotry, and racism

finally able to see we all bleed the same scarlet shade,  

so why can’t we be sista’s and brotha’s?  

I guess we missed the memo:

“this just in we all stem from the same origin”,

so why can’t we be kin?

is it because of the color of our skin or are we just too fractured with-in

unable to call each other brethren “human race” broken and separate I guess when it comes to

world peace I’m somewhat of a skeptic  


I wrote this poem to provoke you to think about how effective are your methods of discipline, now don’t get me wrong I use physical discipline to, when it’s needed, but whats the use if there is no teaching before after the act. To beat a child physically or verbally, just because your frustrated, pissed off, & angry is “in my mind” that’s borderline abuse if not full-on, I know that this is a touchy subject that is very subjective that is why I ask that YOU examine your own methods & come to the conclusion yourself where is the line between…

Discipline vs. Abuse

By Edward Taylor III


The sound of the belt ricochet’s throughout the house;

The shout of “Do what I say nigga!”


Takes me back through my blood line to a meeting with my ancestors to hear those same words,

“Do what I say nigger!”


Then I’m brought back to today to hear the belt…

I mean whip… or is it belt…? Crack the air once again;


This time the screams from a grown man are heard, looking up from the cotton field I see a naked man bound by iron,

I feel for him…


“Do what I say nigga!” shouts are repeated,

I guess this is the best way to teach them… right?

“This Nigger’s got to learn to do what he’s told.”


“BOY! You gonna learn to do what I say!”

Man I wish the border between discipline & abuse was clearly seen, so we can raise men & women without the malicious poison of mean,

These are our sons & daughters, generations which will remember us long after the world has forgotten our names.

Ask yourself parent “How can I change this?” the next time you reach for your whip… I mean belt… or is it whip…? To correct Your child or is it to break your slave?

Your sons & daughters or… Are they Niggas, more properly Niggers;

Let’s as parents not redo what’s already been done, can’t you hear the cries of your young one?

“Teach me!!!”

“With love…”