There is something felt when the Morning breeze breathes the refreshing Kiss of a Brand new Start…



Breaking the boundries of unbelief I let go of the ledge, I’ll Fly or Glide I refuse to fall from the graceful breeze carrying my Spirit in a soulful melody.

This Beautiful Moment between Fear and recklessness-

This adventure is breathtaking everyday away created by the making of a determination too Live

The Dream calls irrisitable tones and vibrations I awaken too the smiling Ray’s of a blank canvas…

This New Day Magic…



Listening to my playlist, realizing that the artist and Songs I love exists here in my Memories of them…



Old songs play nonstop.

On my playlist more found dead while their rhythms live on…

Repeating Prince, MJ, and 2PAC songs.

True fans assure your rhythm plays on.

Rest well pioneers of soul-felt songs.

We will always remember..,



I Emerge…




In after the down pour of pain.

Tears flowed like Storming Rain-

Through the Rage of Life’s Winds and Tsunami like situations-

A  Voice Commands, “COME.”

So I instantly run.

The fear of Danger flung;

Carried by the desire to see Him…!

The Prince of Peace finally Revealed once Self was healed,

From the inside, out!

This Storm took me through the internal route too connect Soul with the Eternal,

In me-

So I write this Journal prayer fully these words read, or heard, will herd a Soul to their bliss apart from ignorance…

I’m speaking of being fully persuaded that thy God made this Life!

Perfectly beautiful,

All for you…..





AM better-

Than the Me in Yesterday.

In the Past I learn…

Learned from each final exam, and then passed on experiences,

Born from Wisdom-



She taught Me to Forgive,
So the ‘Old Man’ ties I severed.
Never reaping again the bitter harvest of regret-


Was Baptised on this Cross I bare.

Where ‘I’ was barried in the ashes of a Death like slumber.

Forgetting who I was;

Before I traveled deminsional bridges…

Across the Space in Time, riding the Winds of a Dream…

The moment I awoke…

I soaked in the Hot Spring Waters of Life, & took my first breath of refreshment…
Rising from the ashes of the Past,
I set the Sky on Fire!
As I recieve the Call to Climb, Deeper into Soul…
Resurrecting the Love buried with-in….

I have such a Hunger. such a Feel, that this Dream is Real….

Elemental Space


I laugh as I chase the material of Thought.

Seeing them.

Reaching for them…

The Spark!

The instantaneous spontaneous outburst of imagination formed into creation.

A moment of thought, that Spark of light- 

Seeing beyond the clouds as I take flight.

Whether I’m walking on the light of a Graceful Day, or caught in the grip of  the Seductress Night Moon…

Thoughts loom, waiting as clay awaits the Potters finger tips.

I thurst to grip this,

Birthed in Thought Element…

Sometimes the call on your Life can seem to be a great burden. Even though deep down you know, “it’s My cross to carry.” This is mission possible, 10,000 Financially independent families by 2020, powered by SURGE365 A mission I except along with my fellow Surge365 World changers. But sometimes, as noble a call it maybe… Strength is definitely needed…  

Enter into His Rest


“Escape away at the moment, take a moment.”

Take a break?!

I wish I could take a brain pause; but this Mission of Good, Wills me forward even to the point of exhaustion…

I try to run away to the paradise in thought when…

Reality as I know it tries to control reactionary impulses. My mental fuses. Me, Myself, and I discuss. Sitting agitated by what seems to resist my persistence to break away from…

So many problems and issues. Wiping concerns off on mental tissue these issues irritate…

Man, I could use a break. But Life won’t wait, the Mission must continue..!

“I must deliver this great Hope….”

An Idea is the spark of creation. Its the precious ambers at the beginning of a Great raging flame of inspiration… and its fragile, delicate desire to live must be kept safe….

The Birth of Idea


Resting in the space of silence, my thoughts emerge from shell reaching their freshly birthed hands sky-word., as I hear in creation a Heavenly Host shouting  in jubilation,



“it’s a precious Idea you have in your hands…”