I want it BAD

I want it so bad I can taste it

on every breath,

reaching upwards towards the next


this is a “life long” project

my projection making course


every word pushing me with no


mind-time thoughts on creation


my paradise awakened leaving no

spot vacant.

I want it bad enough to cling to hope,

“are you gonna give up?” nope,

seeking to see what I spoke when


caught glimpse of present;

new reality pressing to make

imagination relevant

benevolent thought making everyday

Christ-massing in thoughts coherent

perceiving soul awaking to new day

given mirroring movements


in dream state finding time to


than it’s back on the grind to put it

simply the only unknown is how


time, so I find motivation birthing

diligent demonstrations to satisfy the “I

want it BAD” craving success I push

site past life’s stress to obtain what

vision protects, My righteous position,

accomplishments seen after test



at last….

Taylor's Poetry Corner

A Princes Desire
by Edward Taylor III

To expand my position, the expense of time I’m risk’n, lost in the hesitation of decision, craven the release from frustration still lusting to taste life’s sweet breath; O’ how my soul so desires to take it in,
…So close…
My hope is to make it in before my time expires. Prayers bleeding hearts desires, tear drops igniting flames which stretch & reach until my dreams are gained. I continue to preach my soulful longing, I must bear down beyond the oppressive distractions that I may obtain the treasures dwelling in hearts eye. FLYING beyond the boundaries of doubt; having arrived at my long awaited expectation I take up the strength of my staff & begin to reign….

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