I dedicate this to my one and only true love, my valentine, This is…


Stage one: Seen you from a far, a delicate star, with buried scares brought to surface making the feeling in my heart grow urgent. I had to travel hard after you, so few can measure up to who you’ve become, one in the midst of a crowd, so distinct I call you “Gods finger print upon a cloud” possessing beauty so rare I can only compare the delight in eye to the sight of a fine rose blossoming under the morning sky.
I feel light on my feet yet heavy in thought, until hand reached out to this fantasy woman who stalked my every dream, caught…,

Stage two: Change scene, through fantastic conversation I now see the value of patience. Spending my currency on time with you who keeps me appreciating our love escalating higher and higher bursting into an unquenchable fire. Flames ascend beyond the limits of sky reaching past the point where angels fly until the will of HE who gave me you brings me to…,

Stage Three: We two agree walking in a covenant of fellowship. I AM wed to your smile, to your eyes and the way they dance a waltz between hazel and brown; your sugar I found to be sweeter than the taste of the finest candy. I am frozen…, paused in appreciation, your heart has become my haven.

I remember the days I prayed! then you crossed my path a delicate treasure preserved behind glass, at last my soul is eased from it’s lonely torment, no longer will my love lay dormant; I now live daily dwelling in the arms of my love who saved me…,

GOD, I love you baby….