Perspective: a visible scene, especially one extending to a distance; vista. This is…


This is how I in vision the World;

I see clouds part, darkness embarks on an endless journey far from me;

I see whole soul formed and fashioned out of what Christ imagined;

I see the deletion of history that stood as bondage to me;

I see me free reaching for Son, no cords of sin left them broken & undone, I am free to run;

I see me beyond the frustrations that tempted me to end me;

I see eye looking to sky tears of joy fall as I fly higher shining brighter;

I see treasure chests opening releasing everything owed to me;

I see a life of prosperity no-longer hidden or held back dreams reaching like a rose through concrete cracks;

I see my tracks formed out of struggle ruts erased like scares on face;

I see every promise brought to completion seeing what I saw when God speaks them;

I see burdens lifted, curses made none excitant;

I see perfection on a canvas painted with the blood of the Resurrection;

I see no more pain inflicted by the arrows of shame, no murders attempted in the name of greedy gain;

I see change in it’s progression the young learning from our harsh life lessons;

I see the doubt virus vaccine injected, blessed newness,

I see a future called fruitfulness.., is this my dream only or are others pressing for the same prize?

I see me giving myself wholly to this thought.

If you’d ask me what I’ve seen, you may or may not understand me when I scream,


(….End scene….)