Come with me on a journey searching through the depths of the innermost heart; This is…


Deep thoughts sink into the space between seconds… …where the gates of eternity rest.

In the heart of man they stretch they’re broadness & stature, gates comprised of spiritual matter.

They guard the way to a sacred place where hidden lies the face of truth.

There, in the place I Speak of, the place where not even the depths of sadness can reach rests a fortress of spiritual peace;

behind the shroud of consciousness rest gates that say, “Here Resides the Truth of Soul…”

Proceeding through the gates I enter the courts of truth,

I enter blackness….

In front of me a chair plays center piece to this mysterious decor;

In front of it a door stands open, lit like a theater screen, its corridors full of images of a life wonderful,


I’m exposed to Truths light.

Incoming soul too rest in the knowledge of thy Self revealed, healed, and endowed with wealth.

My soul felt delight when given the gift of life. My wilting spirit received breath to stand animated.

Self took steps searching deeper with-in, then landing in treasures crest I found scales which weigh Times worth,

I sit in the chair positioned in the midst of nowhere and everywhere, where I wait for the outcome of investments made since birth;

Here I will discover my value, my hearts worth, my validation hidden beyond the two gates I searched….

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