You’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” before; well If a picture is worth a thousand words then a tear is worth a thousand pictures. There is so much of the soul captured in a tear, if you will, I would like to interpret the words a tear can display. This is…

Tears Have Voices

Free falling like a diamond studded shooting star, shimmering in the darkness,

Reflecting the reflection of moments treasured.

History is secured with-in my bosom, several occasions I can speak from, choose one.

None can know the burden I carry, the joy and sorrow your heart buries.

Such cruelty,

Such kindness,

I, like my brethren testify of this, the outward expression of substantial fervor,

By definition I pour from the flesh of the observer, furthermore, I am the server,

carrying away the weights that rest heavy on your soul,

Molding every emotion into a portrait.

Slowly forming speech that speaks of sheltered feelings lingering on the mind.

I find my purpose in the emergence of the soul.

Oh! The secrets that I hold.

The heart that releases me I see as fearless and bold.

Though cold is my existence, my time is wrapped in a short journey of self purging, truth bursting, in what is displayed.

A shattering impact, I kiss the ground, fracturing like a flowed crystal under pressure,

I lay broken,

With my purpose served and voice heard I leave you with this thought

When your tears are observed,

what story did they tell when they fell, heavy, with many words…

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