In your darkest time where it seems like nothing else can motivate you forward, not even a hope for you too cling to, it is in that time you receive an enormous strength to push forward from a voice inside you, seeming to come from out of nowhere, to remind you of your expected end. This is…

A Still Small Voice

My vision dims looking down the barrel of a dark tunnel, seeking for the light at the end.

Footsteps I count as the waves of the past wash them out, behind I find nothing that attracts my focus- “so this is the path to my dreams”? I ask myself.

The ground I walk on is covered in broken promises, which pierce my blistered skin like shards of glass under foot.

My blood and sweat testify of a determined heart, yet, in this darkness the temptation to part from path beckons me the more.

I was so sure, when I awoke from a fantastical epiphany, that everything would be so easy.

Oh my breath is wheezy, my chest heavy with the weight of my desire.

A tear falls becoming lost to the flames of my heart, evaporating my burdens into the budding sky, where my dreams lie.

Wishing I could fly to the end of this journey, but for this path I have been named worthy too walk the tracks of my future, shaping it with every step,

Hope keeps my soul far from death and yet I see no light at the end,

Then I hear a voice, which sparks an explosion, consuming the fumes of doubt in its brightness.

It speaks these sweet words softly to my soul, “continue to walk for you shall reap the blessings of your heart, if you faint not”….

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