Change can have an effect on the course of a life, so profound, its ripple is felt for generations. In the time it takes to breathe the moment is decided and your life will never be the same. This is…

The Breath of Change

Simple seconds tick away but the effects are strong enough to alter a day

The way has been re-adjusted stagnate footsteps have been thrusted

By its abruptness plus this is timeline surgery giving direction with urgency

Avoiding destruction maintaing course in its function provoking moments of anxiety

Resting in trust transformation happening to adjust

Just one second shifted the arrangement to avert ambush

Emergency intervention to change a thought to a decision

Quenching distractions flame before it rose with the attraction of a rose the snare of the soul froze


Hinderance will be tolerated life will flow as God made it

Your dreams will produce the works they painted that’s why he saved it

Your road to demise his breath changed it

Like a funnel of wind rise up and take it the victory you where ordained to embrace it…


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