Longing- strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant. This is…

Longing Too Touch

A longing so great it penetrates every fiber of my being seeing my love from a glass house, yet still I press against this longing to touch the love I once held in a perfect embrace; longing to taste our dreams together,

Reaching you through the passion of a letter, gathering together the strength to grasp my tomorrow pulling it into the Now, giving the impossible the reasons how, my faith will draw my desire- a flaming blue fire; we glide clear sapphire skies we fly in my dreams,

The freedom brings me closer to the one I call lover, no other I wait for; only one can bring this dream too truth, reaching you through iron bars and steel doors when each tear hits floor.

One more prayer to voice bringing breath & life, I wife still fight for what’s mine knowing what’s said will be done in time, I speak it’s time.

Now minds-eye vision brings truth commanding a ceases fire to division now with precision my words hit their target, I spoke it, sign & sealed the date, creation marked it;

Judgement given to release the innocent out of prison forcing doors open, fresh air free lungs soak in and with one motion we walkout the word my dreams have spoken, close when we embrace in perfection;

Husband, wife, love in the moment that will never end satisfying the longing to touch love again and again, sweet is this victory dance as eye’s connect in sync with the joining of hands, thankful for one more chance having passed through the transition of one becoming two, back too one we stand united in mind spirit and soul man, woman…, whole;

Made pure in position lusting in the grace that was given, thankful that we stayed driven like Christ to the cross our love has risen above this passing storm now we rest in the calm dwelling in passion reborn. Renewing the vows sworn diving into the abyss of each kiss relishing in the touch that was missed….

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