Witness the birth of art, from inception to flourish-ion, This is…

The Poet-Tree

It starts off as a sprout of light that rises out of the heart;

It is the growth of inspiration when it has over taken pages that once laid vacant.

Its leaves receive nourishment from the lavish rays of illumination.

Its roots plunge deep into the soul, extracting the minerals of life.

The shoot begins to grow with each added line and paragraph.

With each pen stroke it rises above every obstacle, pushing upwards towards the warmth of discovery,

Where it expands it’s branches in a marvelous display of emotion.

Its sun kissed buds beautify this portrait with the color of life, their alluring fragrance entices the mind.

Its fruits begin to ripen with the completion of each thought,

Then they burst with the sweetest taste of innovation.

It has matured, displaying the perfection of patience,

Standing distinct among its peers commanding all eyes to be attentive.

This Tree has become the desire of many who seek its shade, its shelter, its solace….

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