“He’s/or she’s a BEAST” is a term I hear all to frequently normally attributed to one that shows an act of complete dominance in an area: However we Have forgotten that it was a fallen angel in the form of a serpent; a subtle beast with an angelic essence dripping from it’s poisonous tongue. Delivering truth suppressant’s that defiled the ideal definition of true good: darkening the knowledge of man, the light we no-longer understand, thus Man became Fallen Man. The first victim of Reality Theft is now left with the fading memories of a paradise lost. He now tells his story. This is…

Faded Glory
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

How shall I begin…? Let’s see… I know! Take heed, don’t ignore me this is the story of faded glory. It started out like any other day in the garden, I spoke my orders & creation would obey. Giving creatures a title was my On the Job Training; then I’d walk with God in the cool of the day. But this day was different, it’s like my hearts desire spoke & my imagination listened, next thing I know… I’m asleep; when I awoke I scoped my vision. This is Woman, for she came from my wound. My desire became her desire which consumed us both; turning us from welcomed friends to casted out enemies- For little did I know- in the shadows loomed a serpent equipped with a plan to entice Man with the very thing God restrained him from- LORD THE WOMAN YOU GAVE ME- & so I bit, hoping the vision of new dimensions would begin to exist: But instead my eyes grew dark, as if the light in them quickly departed; I looked at that Woman unable to understand what my eyes perceived, the shame of our nakedness…

…we tried to retrieve the Glory that clothed us, but our garments became Ichabod, we tried to cover our shame by sewing fig leaves then the cool of the day came. I crouched low, like a beast, but my judgement still found me; I even tried to pass the buck but still ended up stuck with the blame. Our glory has faded our sin exchanged it; it departed from me- all because of THAT Serpent enticing THAT Woman you gave me…
MAN…! Now with the sweat of my brow I slave away the memories made before time became a value: before the onset of decay. I’ll never forget the day I stopped living: the day I stopped spiritually existing, or that split second of rebellion- how can I tell my children I failed them- I died inside the moment I held them, knowing their days where numbered. So I tell you this Enoch in case God comes to you in the cool of the day. Heed your elder don’t let your glory fade away….

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