Dream- a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. This is…

Dream Walker
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Here comes the resolution to the pains & sufferings that disillusioned my vision of pursuing my dreams, my station in creation, my place to which I’ve been created to apprehend; so why pretend? That my fate is dictated by my past coming to grips with my true self at last, recognizing my wealth lies with-in; in-depth I found the substance of Me in-grafted in the trinity, Holy I must be having exorcised the demons in memory. With an uplifted consciousness I walk in the realm where spirits abide. There’s no-longer a gap between the seen & unseen. I taste my reality in every dream. Scenes I’ve expected to see pour out from my faith bank treasury. I’ve been selected to be one who can transcend from the place of mere men. I stand regathered in mind & body: I stand whole from spirit to soul. Among the clouds I now stroll, ascending & descending Jacobs ladder a multidimensional traveler, taking tours through the mysteries that once intrigued me & as they unravel I find truth to be tangible in all his grandeur & luster. I stand in a cluster of like minded spirits bowed before the Ancient of Days as I await the refreshing flow of word’s anointed. Overflowing with expectation, overjoyed from revelation exposure being spiritually drunk but physically sober, I come to my senses in the presence of my one true witness. Then as he begins to speak to Me…
My eye’s open….

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