This is another poem from my brilliant daughter who seems to be fallowing in her dads footsteps. This is…

by Elena Taylor

What is jazz?
Jazz is smooth
Jazz is calm
Jazz is something that has been around sense I was young
Jazz is truth
Jazz is the onething that can people can say is”flows with the grace of god”
Jazz is flowing through our life like a river that last
Jazz is important to me because it’s not like music these days.
Music these days all they talk about is losing someone and fornication. But jazz has deeper meaning to a life period
Jazz is nothing else but jazz.

In the midst of a righteous heart burns a most intense passion fueled by an unchained desire; This is…

An Authentic Desire
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I want to be in the place where peace dwells where the fruit of imputed righteousness avails where the power of God prevails where I can see beyond my circumstance beyond my feelings beyond my own reasonings this is my desire to walk with a heart of holy flame pumping the blood of an overcome through my veins I want to will to do the will of my master a servant executing the desire of my Father a Son raised in truth dedicated to spread the word that I heard with signs & wonders trailing behind the light & power of the divine….