He is the way the truth and the life: He’s a supernatural King that cared enough to give his life that we may live & I’m so thankful. This is…

The Sacrifice of Truth
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

From the throne room to a virgins womb; sent on a mission to bring division like light and darkness, lie’s and honesty: too embrace those’s who greeted me with open hostility. I knew it was time to move when I heard the hearts of my people screaming for freedom; so I came to bleed for them. I AM the Light that leads them. I took the position of a servant until it was time to run, activated, about my Fathers business my story has begun. I recruited 12 witnesses to walk with me recording my works into history, their teachings would testify of Me. For the glory of my Father I despised the shame of open humiliation knowing from this I will inherit a nation, the ones who where rejected I have taken & perfected. I took their sin’s on, upon my shoulders, I carried them to the grave then rose to roll the stone from the face of the cave. I walked with my brethren, seen by five hundred of them, then ascended into the clouds glorified again….

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