Feelings that flood, emotions that overflow, heaviness that weighed on the strength you carry just means you’ve been: Caught- (to overtake someone) by the beginning of the end of your storm; this is…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor

Caught in a tear drop storm, time stands still granting a break from the norm; tears fall caught up in the course of it all, felling like I hit a wall, motivation hit a stall caught up in a tear drop water fall. Tear drops fall from a hopeless expression, red eyed & exhausted from the none stop. Expecting my change to come with the greeting of a new Sun. I look around surveying this frozen scene, so serene knowing my own pain, coveting solace from this troublesome tempest; I wish this storm could wash away the burdens these tears display. Caught in a tear drop storm awaiting the day Daybreaks, transforming this disturbance of tears into a calm so tranquil leaving me thankful to see the joyful ray’s of sun-shine letting me know that it’s my time….

Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me. ( psalms 38: 21) LORD…

Don’t Forget Me
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

My tears fall, my fists are worn & bloodied from beating on the wall, my stomach twists & turns from the grief’s & struggle’s that grip my soul. My thoughts retreat to the inner most depths of myself; hoping to grasp some ancient strength that’s been deposited in me before the formation of time. My mind holds on to the promises that inhabit my dreams; my screams of frustration, pain, & suffering drive the fervency of my prayer’s & as I push through the shadow of my sorrowful despair; I gather in the desires of my heart- only able to release one humble request. LORD DON’T FORGET ME….