We all have moments of weakness; But that’s all they are, moments: it’s only when you make it through you realize how strong you really are & where your strength comes from. This is my…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Rain drops water the dreams in my head they grant their strength before hope is dead; what fed passion in a moment of weakness has been sealed for rations; in this emergency I plead for the winds of change to fan my soul to flames, pains in mind, deposits of heart issues, my issues might befuddle a few, but only if you knew the weight of just one shoe, so before you judge this man ask yourself what carried you out of the place you once claimed to stand. I feel the sorrow of a stars dwindling light: But still I fight, I guess there’s no quit in me after all, just a hidden confidence that I WILL NOT FALL. So I call upon the power of a Fathers love to lift me up above this suffering sucking the will to still carry on.
I awake from night terrors screaming “HOW LONG” this Agony must have an end so I spend countless amounts of energy just remaining me- up beat parading a smile spirits’ high hope stretching further then a mile, I count the tear drops I wish to shed, I pray that this night my dreams would have peace from my dread….

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