This is another addition to my Free-writing series; I wrote this to Coldplay’s ‘PARADISE’, I had to write to it, to me that song is on the list of Coldplay’s all-time greats. This is…

Life in One Breathe
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

The release of breathe let’s me know that time is still left there’s life left to live so I give my all changing direction like Saul to Paul from my fall I rise to a place where angels fly my only limits rest in my minds eye unlocked potential this battle is all mental I’m my best asset & my heaviest burden so what must I learn then Mind changes as I suck out the venomous poison’s left by failures past I cast out the old & invite in the dreams of a bold new future free from pains’ residue only to my promise will I hold true clinging to the picture visions’ master piece it’s paradise I speak of where dwells only Gods love true peace on earth is found when this Son dominates every thing around footsteps pound I chase my hopes my tears fuel passions’ rage as faith carries me on to the next page….