Sometimes the path we’re on leaves questions on where it shall lead use but yet we put one foot in front of the other; unable to quiet the screaming desire of the soul, our minds eager to see the end of our destiny press our footsteps forward. This is…

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Brown eye’s open letting sun ray’s soak in, a pause in mournings moment, reflection of wants and desires aspire to higher dreams, soul sings from the abyss with-in where hope screams for Faiths’ washing. While walking Footsteps’ hold conversation with pavement asking details of the path their destined to travel; But no answer comes so Footsteps’ run, searching for answers demanded from a Mind driven to define time; till time falls into twilight & moon beams fill eye sight & despite all this FootSteps’ still persist. Constantly seeking to grasp the answer to Minds’ question. No resting! Mind speaks, “even if there’s mountain peaks we must traverse you will find the answer to this riddle & verse.” So Footsteps’ trudge on seeking for the answer to Minds’ inquisitive song; fearing to be wrong Footsteps’ remain diligent to Paths’ free-written script, no delay as Stars begin their majestic display Footsteps’ refusing to turn away; then mourning begins & again it illuminates the way. With a new day Mind brings same question to Footsteps’… Where do my dreams lay? Footsteps’ finally give their defining answer to Mind today they say: “wait patently & trust in the path that was given. You continue to listen to Soul, we’ll continue to walk this path until our dreams unfold….”