I grew up in Seattle next to Lake Washington; “The Lake” as we called it, even to this day, provided many childhood adventures growing up; A lot memories are stored there so I wrote this poem to… I guess to say thank you to that special place in the history of me & many of the people who shared that place with me as kids. This is…

I want to go back
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I want to go back. Back to the place where my childhood is buried: back where my memories rest in peace. I want to go to the place where my peaceful thoughts where conceived; I want to go back to where I traveled through the vortex of laughter; where I was caught up to a place where only the imagination mattered. O, how I miss that place- the sand in my hand: the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. I miss the sound of the breeze & the rustle of the trees. I miss the Sunday afternoons where we would ride our bikes till we saw twilights moon. I miss watching the sunlight dance a waltz atop the waters tranquil surface. That place… That place was my refuge: my midnight prayer closet- so many thoughts I shared with the stars in the chill of night, our conversations where endless. The smooth roar of traffic on I-90 plays a soft lullaby while I flip through memories of childhood faces, friends & loved ones who have been long separated from eyes capture, some have fallen asleep lying still, at peace; some have gone on to make places of their own. So today I would like to say thank you to that place; the guardian of my childhood memories: the watchman over my most sacred thoughts: the caretaker of my spoken dreams. Maybe one day I will return to once again gaze at your treasured scene’s; until we meet again I just wanted to say thank you to my childhood friend….

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