Revival- restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, & strength. From a life changing word to a life igniting breath came a life defining moment; This is…


By Edward ( The Limitless Poet) Taylor III

Breath In…

Breath out…

Air exchanges as my eyes unlock to see the new,

Refreshed, I arise from death,

My soul captured in life, my spirit climbing to new highest,

Highest I’ve never known,

Never have I been exposed to this,

This endless,

Indescribable, incredible, & immeasurable flow,

I dive in faith first into grace; through his death I am absorbed into His life,


Anointed breaths are exchanged as my praises depart from my soul every weight of shame…

Breath in…

Breath out…

Breath In…

In this life I shall never be separated from I AM for I am Gods Son.

In this life,


Has begun…

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