During the journey through life, Regret( a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.), though a necessary emotion, can become a type of mental prison; only those bowled enough to venture into the Mirror will find the key to living life free from the struggle of this temporary passenger becoming a permanent resident. This is…

What are you looking at…!


Why are they staring at me glaring with ridicule in their eye’s like they despise what I am depressing me into a mind state of mistakes.

Deep breathes taken, inner piece shaken, shaking the sands of confidence because of this-


Intensely inspecting the hidden depths of my insecurities,

“Will the jury please Rise!”.

I see the judgement in their eye’s peering through my mask of turmoil and shame,

“WHO else is there to Blame…!”

They say as they stare.


I scream back, feeling the effects of this dream realizing


are the decisions that brought the unwanted pain spilling poison, blame, and guilt leaving the residue of,

“why didn’t I just _____…!”

I think again when I stare at my accuser’s realizing the lessons They provided took me on a journey of discovery



Turning the key to release the damaged reflection of He who dared to glare into his own soul to judge a raging fire

grown cold.

On a quest to feverishly fan to flame the Passions of old–

I find…


Sometimes making a decision isn’t cut and dry, sometimes it takes serious thought to gather enough strength and courage to step out into the unknown; many of us have had a conversation going on in our heads as we weigh possible life changing options. This is…

A Double Minded Conversation



Why do I hide who I am?

Am I afraid,

that if I show my true self exposing my souls wealth I might get robbed of all dignity

and honor

Why when Self & I talk it sounds like a barter;

Self & I involved in a give and take debate leaving

Me to mediate:


I:  “if I show all, I may fall in front of everyone, my fear has become”-

Self: “ BONDAGE, to You and Me, COME ON”

I: “I JUST WANT TO BE FREE;  that’s what I told Me”

Self:  “BUT HE AGREED WITH my-Self.”

I:  “I can’t deny the truth Self, but”

Self: “What! that’s not enough?”  “I’m tired of feeling crushed. I WANT YOU OUT.”

I: “I WANNA GET OUT, of my shell hidden no longer, that’s the only way WE will get stronger.”

Self: “Finally we agree…!”

Life has a great contrast lying with in, like two different dimensions coexisting in the same world,

Living v.s Existing by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Breathe in, breathe out, birth ends with the first breaths taken in a life cursed in sin, confined to toil through time seeking for reason & purpose lost in despair surrounded by darkness and confusion, weighted burdens bared. False hope shaken off in drunken disillusions, its a crime of things, a King answering the whip when it sings tic-toc existing to punch a clock clock the only refuge taken in fifteen minutes of thought, chasing visions of desire for an existence higher. Fire set blaze to passion, now lay dreams Suffocated under the ashes of frustrations pain, labor much for little return poor mans gain; glossy eyes look to the sky searching for dreams lost in flame the cost of rebellions exchange. Methodical motions bound to drown in a dreary rain while life goes by merely existing….

Breath taken into soul sweet freedoms kiss awoke spirit within, then one soul salvaged from deaths clutches, washed & restored, when all said & done adopted one shown a manner of love that would call one son, no-longer by the sweat of braw shall one retrieve that which was sown by labor & deeds. Now by belief in speech shall one plant seeds of dreams in the field of grace savoring the taste of vision become flourish-ion.
Partaking in the divine nature given; forgiven of all trespasses now driven to achieve purpose realized when passion feeds strong desire, giving the reason for life in time not squandered but valued, one life worthy to be remembered, one legacy loved, one life lived & living….

Revival- restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, & strength. From a life changing word to a life igniting breath came a life defining moment; This is…


By Edward ( The Limitless Poet) Taylor III

Breath In…

Breath out…

Air exchanges as my eyes unlock to see the new,

Refreshed, I arise from death,

My soul captured in life, my spirit climbing to new highest,

Highest I’ve never known,

Never have I been exposed to this,

This endless,

Indescribable, incredible, & immeasurable flow,

I dive in faith first into grace; through his death I am absorbed into His life,


Anointed breaths are exchanged as my praises depart from my soul every weight of shame…

Breath in…

Breath out…

Breath In…

In this life I shall never be separated from I AM for I am Gods Son.

In this life,


Has begun…

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: ( Matt 7:7) We have entered into the seeking season & this is my prayer; MY LORD…

I Need to Know

I will to know of he who cloaked me in his love, to know of the spirit free to soar above all names;

I need to know the king who reigns in all domains, I need to know, I need the revelation –

I need my revelation of you for me to see your everlasting power & strength you reign with to grip my salvation;

Never erasing who you made me to be, see this is my plea, please greet me with the light of your word,

Enlighten my eye’s of understanding,

I AM –

Standing with open arms…