I just had to express my appreciation for the one who found a broken lost soul and called him Son… This is…



You found me…,

Lying in my own vomit-


I palmed it,

the woefulness…,

I sunk deeper into this muddy, bloody, darkness;

I often asked myself , “how can I depart from this?”

slower and slower I sunk into the arms of a venom spewing seductress

trying to cut wrist hoping to end

finally seeing the light beyond this abyss where your heart sits

reaching for my tattered, battered splattered so fractured how could it be returned from scattered,


A love so beautiful-

it tore through all Sorrow my Fears of being alone, apart from throne,


were the doubts of what true Love is about now!

The reality of this beauty has found me broken-

yet you still….

call me…


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