Do you know what I’m thinking?


Rarely do I reveal thoughts hidden deep when I speak


Written through the avenue of the pen


Inner thoughts are given 

For instance the worry which weighs heavy upon the head crown’d with the duty of leading his


Seeing all problems that exist dealing with self induced impatience

Searching for the right answers on how to arrange this life including the lives given the title of

Responsible live’n

Holding on to the substance  of hope praying that when it comes to crunch time I don’t choke   

Finally beginning to see the comprehension of the scriptures I quote

Noting the conversations I have with Self evaluating every decision 

Under question when development is arrest’n growth leaving soul in gross frustration

Requiring replacement from basement to top-shelf increasing stature by thought 

Daily thinking on these things 

Are my decisions benefiting my legacy?

Will people remember me?

Have I added a fruitful branch to this family tree? 

These thoughts interesting me while I deal with my day to day responsibility  testing the core of me 

Why is life stressing me to exist at a lower level than intended?

Stereotypes defining what’s right editing programming multimedia cramming predetermined paths of


Eliminating the individual me why can’t I believe what I see?

Is the whole world seduced by fallacies on a campaign to eliminate the imagination in me

 In an effort to darken my day dreaming of hope-filled pastures I rest in when I finally awaken

From thoughts you now know….   


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