Sometimes life can get so crazy that it seems to be one big circus- well if that happens to be the case, then let me take center spot light shining for all to see. This is…

The Circus


Looking at life from a different angle

I begin to untangle the blinding darkness seeing clearly that we all perform

for the approval of the usual suspects

peer pressure is used to test ya

finding out if you have what it takes with-in

to tight rope upon yarn paper-thin

struggling to cross the abyss of nothingness with soul in tact

maintaining a

professional act

trying to track the footsteps of who you are catching up with the real you so the void in life can

be filled by truth

answering the quest

“is God real?”

in you this riddle is fulfilled now you begin to build the

stature of a Ring Master

biding all too come see the fruit from a righteous tree

willingly eye’s become open to

see that life is a circus we all perform in where paupers become Kings seeking for a standing ovation….

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