This is an exercise of thought using the word ten to create a flow which contains a story or moment or many doorways depending on how you look at it. This is…


Ten opportunities in front of me

Ten doorways open up to me

Ten pathways to take

Ten ways to Change my fate

Ten dimensions to explore ten choices beyond this floor

Ten dreams make picture perfect dramatic scenes

Ten tears of joy flow

Ten crowns cast down as knees hit ground

Ten reasons to give thanks

Ten times Ten bring one hundred ways to be thankful again

Ten breaths taken before Ten footsteps land Earth shaken

Ten sun sets Ten glimpses of beauty imagined

Ten seconds pass until ring is handed

Ten years when vows are renewed

Ten mornings given

Ten moments captured capturing true love smiling

Ten wishes made into Ten hopes which transformed thought to Ten words spoken

Ten desires craved

Ten reasons my faith never caved

Ten thousand years in eternity

Ten reasons to obtain Gods promise to me…


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