We all are more then what we appear to be. Deep in the mind lies a path to the imagination where anything is possible; a place where one can discover an inner strength and peace; a place where change occures while outwardly everything remains untouched. This is…

Nothing has changed, but everything has changed…

By reasons of the flow of life

Life has taken every opportunity

Passed it to me and asked what will it be

Freedom from the false image or

To me to be a King is the destiny

Signs of my destination when

Creation response to me see with new

Eye’s clear vision clouds break their

Cover of light night brightens full-moon

Raises hearts dreams start

The Imagination becomes gateways to-

New decisions of possibilities

Deja vu’ moments the residue of time travel

When eye’s open and vision unravels

Becoming more sure force core of soul

To hold faith interactions with heavens

Gates nothing has changed in the

Seconds of consciousness but

Everything has changed drenched in

The depths of revelation I’m changed

When I beheld the image in mirror as

The fog of hypocrisy and force fed

Perspectives cleared I found the

Perfect picture of Me a King stretching

Angel wings flaming white taking flight

Up into the out-stretches of eternity….

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