Deliverance from the power and penalty of sin; redemption. This is…


This is a place where the real exist, in the dimension of fellowship. Catch a tight grip-hold of the one who’s foot prints layer streets with gold. Too potent is the potentate, the Holy one, King victorious, the more then one; In him dwelt the God head bodily.

In the beginning three spoke from one essence audibly all said,”Let,” then light illuminated waste, formed Earths foundations, and gave life it’s taste.




Breathing animation into creation, the impossible way, he paved them by thought from throne. By Wisdom God foreordained time and gave it its course. It was preordained that The Word came to walk the planet ’till he founded Eden where he formed and fashioned Man.

The Word breathed in him knowing that sin would soon be seen in Man-
Adam, one, plus woman forged a son from a seed that would yield a limitless harvest.

How awesome is the Inexhaustible mercy of the throne keeper. The Father, Son, and Spirit had a plan that included a great feature in future the Son would come to purge sin from Man bringing a flesh reliant law to an end by Word in skin.

The Son would do once that which never would be needed again, salvation from sin. Redirecting the hope in his chosen giving motion once again to clay animation, life after spiritual death…,


His written word gives the visual, his breath is left residually replenishing life’s true meaning, obedience over sacrifice.

One lamb shed innocent blood to transfer life. He slit ties to corruption by way of a…, spiritual blade, now we lay in the life and breath that Christ gave when he defined the phrase, “I am saved….”

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