Communication or lack thereof is one of the major causes of marriages failing. There should be no secrets between husband and wife but most of the time its the lack of trust and maturity that cause the birth of that silent killer; uncover the things that need to be said if you deem it important and let the significant other hear the complaint and concern of the one they vowed to love & cherish. I hope you take this into thought the next time your asked the question…

Can We Talk?!
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Angelic sunlight seen when you’re in eye sight but the light is dimming as you walk away tears in eye’s from hurts hidden works giving no reward you’re found sitting in the shadows with the look of boredom your vocal sword swings curses wounds need nurses touch much going unsaid feeling as If there’s a stranger with me in bed communication dead frustrated
vision-gates turning red fed up with this arrangement where’s the love we found when our intimacy was in infancy form what happened to the love born is your heart scorned has my soul been mourned remember together we sworn in the courts of heaven no other we vowed to let in yet temptation seems to have crept in but no worries for no desire for sin dwells in mind just the thoughts trying to find the silver lining in all this grey areas still covered silent insults our eye’s mutter screaming hearts seeking for light in the dark fumbling over words unsaid prayers fly like flares brightening like lightning flashes quick sparks of hope sprouts then savagely choked “why didn’t you hear my cries!?” now my situation is exposed to spies weaving webs of entrapment they laugh when the sound of tear drops hit ground “WHERE IS THE PURGING OF MY HURTING” the desire for peace is why my heart still beats for you now will you just talk too me or will you just continue smothering everything I am I showed you myself I exposed to you all my treasures so why is that no longer enough why are your lips cold to the touch as if life has lost its taste for love & happiness I can’t believe we’re back to this unspoken emotions murdered by silence….

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