“The voice of a writer is heard through his instrument- which has a story all it’s own” – Edward T. This is…

Hear Me…
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I lay waiting patiently for my purpose-full activation, laying my eye’s upon the view of my value- which is a subjective perspective. I am a subject to the vision of He who holds me in hand. I sit waiting for the time I am made useful, I’m so full of his expressions, I sit ready to shed my life source until I have nothing else to give; it’s my purpose to die that his vision may live.

I am an extension of his soul; through me his thoughts exist bringing life to imagination when I’m gripped in hand. I’m honored to be his tool, his voice in a two dimensional universe.

Each word written has the power to influence the mind, each paragraph defines what he see’s, even his eye’s are connected to me.

In the Muse we become one entity- he is me. Here in the depths of meditation he retreats to his castle in the sky.

The Dream Writer is what I call him, the pureness of inspiration is what I saw in him, so I called to him.

When he picked me up I became the currier of his deepest emotions. I feel his pain as each letter soaks in. You see, with me he escapes into paradise: with me he breaths life to a blank canvas, each word closely woven into his soul. The melody created in each depicting phrase is something divinely provoked, each statement a musical note.

With a thousand words he paints a perfect portrait of…


I am his release.

I am the vehicle of his peace.

I am his silent friend…

I am his Pen….

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