Resting in the bosom of my love I hear the whispers of her heart; This is…

Language of the Heart
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat…

Your heart speaks the language of love. The heat of our flames stir up a spiral flared staircase facing upwards towards hidden desires. Intoxicating are the depths of your eye’s, they reveal to me a soul secured in the Ark of Endearment, carried away by waves of silk and satin the garments of passion; taking breaths in as we step into a blue paradise, loves heights.

Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat…

Your heart speaks an eloquent riddle in my ear, seductive whispers I hear: Each word a puzzle peace carefully placed, a glorious portrait they paint; each subtle cares of the canvas sends chills through the core of my existence; by reasons unknown I am subdued by your loves tone.

My Will is stolen away by a symphony blending you and I- Each touch must be a thrust through the heart beating, seeking….

Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat… Beat-Beat…

Tell me O heart; what other Dreams can you speak…?

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