This poem has the hints of passion, seduction, & sexuality meant to stir up the fire of desire, (for mature readers only), I believe that this is an area in a Christian Marriage that can be easily neglected, let’s fix that, let’s start enjoying the one person God meant for you to make a life long connection with. This is…

A Passionate Connection
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

One life, one passion, one question I’m asking, will you take my hand & come with me on a trip through loves land? Life flows fast when we push past the past to engage in the elements of loves construct; dabbling in lustful mischief, karma sutra got us twisted up in bedroom misconducts. Up-wards & on-wards climax seek’n. observing your learning curves as I’m peaking; my skill set just met the challenge of releasing your corralled assets, bounce’n bed springs like bad checks; our love making’s creating E.T. sex. I’m on a mission to resolve all your sexual tension’s. Call me an attentive student, ask’n your body questions as the strokes get deeper, each quiver is much sweeter than the last. I’m just living in the moment, no future, no past doing everything I can to make you a permanent fan, strictly following passions plan. Our bodies intertwined, at-one-meant that we’re meant to be together, created separate yet we’re gathered up in loves net. Together we lay captive upon the marriage bed wrapped in blankets of passion where our love connects….

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