The Martyr Chronicles PT 3

‘The Final Moments’
By Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

I awake to find myself once again behind bars looking at the scars on my wrist, I still feel the pain from the whips, my blood drips to the tip of this pen my tears fall to the ground, as I begin to think about the persecution I went through for the glory of Christ, think’n if I had to do it again I’ll still give my life; until death I’m preach’n Christ with my last breath- as I give God the glory a left hook hits my cheek my bodies weak pounding like the bass in a beat; the guards toss me back in my ceil, like I’m some rotten meat. I’m starten to fell scared but I know my Lord is strong so I got to go on in “Mans prison” sing’n my song of freedom: here they come to take me to the chopping block, they slap me in my face & they tell me to “STOP PRAISiNG GOD”, but I can’t- a true saint will never renounce Christ, for His glory I’ll lay down my life….

I take my last steps through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for I know the Lords with me during this time, I hear the chime of the church bells, I’m seeing pictures of saints that where slan before the foundations of time: I’m seeing visions of the throne room- I guess I’ll be die’n soon, for the crime of being a Christian? It’s time for my last words listen; as I tell the guards, “LET EVERY THING THAT HAS BREATH PRAISE YOU LORD”, at that same moment I felt the cold steal from a sword pierce my side; I see a vision of pearl gates…
…as I close my eye’s….

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