Let Hope drive you to what you strongly desire: Let Hope be the fuel burning inside you urging you to continue to put one foot in front of the other: Let Hope transport you to a place you held reserved in your imagination: Let hope drive you to grasp your success! This is…

Driven by Hope
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Driven to live life through Christ ’till my promise land is well in hand my hope is never abandon or discarded in that of random thought, so focused now is my vision driven by hope manifested, kingdom live’n gives value to every breath given, dreams born distinguished, classified as high-stakes for the completion of them I’m driven to do what ever it takes, the salvation of generations after me is at stake. Keep in eye sight the prize, the place where I thrive & grow that the light I hold may show; So I speak with confidence & wipe the shroud from my eye’s so I can catch an honest glimpse at what lyes ahead. When dreams are seen thoughts are mastered vision is captured, then in hand will lye my possession that possessed my mind a God sent inheritance claimed as mine. So divine is this reality it took strength beyond the man in me to apprehend what dwelt beyond captivity. Hope drives me forward to a dimension where I’m liven as Gods extension seeing new beginnings hope giving drive, heart beats alive, now watch me progress to where I increase letting hope drive me to eternal peace….

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