There is a place in the absence of sound where we are met with a most peculiar opportunity for self evaluation & self discovery. This is…

Moments of Silence
by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

A moment of silence the calm before the storm, the space between abstract & norm, the void betwixt the breaths of anxieties pulse, the lull in time & space where the whispers of the sub-conscience congregate. A moment of silence taken to grieve; A moment to ponder on what one believes. The place where God holds the courts of truth, the moment where one reflex on the time as a youth.

A moment of silence a moment of peace the moment where all cares fall as an autumn leaf. A moment in the beauty of harmonious serenity; the place where one finds an undefined ability to overcome all odds.

A moment when one takes time to search the depths of the soul. The silent moments where inspiration voices its commands bringing life to plan. A moment of silence where tears are gathered in memories time capsule, emotions boxed in silent castles, refusing to be announced.

It is said that “silence is golden”, if that be the case, let us take a moment to discover the many treasures Silence is holden….

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