So much can be said in one gesture of love, one display of romance, one hot flame of passion, all contained in…

One Kiss

By Edward Limitless Taylor III

Sweet kisses in true loves bliss is this a dream;

Scenes in fantasy’s tapestries, picture perfect sentiments, rose pedal pathways, perfume laced bed sheets;

Love making under the covers of starlight. Passion intensifies between the blankets of midnight.

The moonshining highlighting lustful glances;

A taste of escape when we embrace.

Heaven chasing when we take in the breath of oneness. This honeymoon adventure leaves me searching, longing, to touch the depths of your erotic soul.

Digging for the buried treasures of your hearts desires, franticly excavating your diamond studded fantasies…

…In one kiss….

My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. James 1: 2-4

Time Trials of Patience

by Edward LIMITLESS Taylor III

Time trial of patience waiting for the dreams ingrained in mind:

Time trial of patience staying focused on my expected end, grind’n till hope begins to develop & faith envelops eye sight.

I fight the good fight, spoken word swings like sword swipes,

I speak “till verbal articulation forms my hearts conversations;  Greasing the steel wheels of patience.

Time trying my resilience but I still proceed with heaven-sent perseverance.

Greater vision opens the gates to mediocrity’s prison, escaping, my hearts racing, as I’m gazing into higher dimensions…



Patently advancing to thee O, mountain top; Pressing forward while keeping my objective in sight,

I must fight & strive to enter like the fresh sun rays strive to bring life at the end of winter.

I must press into my rest;

Patience My Son…


I hear as I preserver through the raging storm that surrounds me, seeming to drown me, as it draws nearer.

But with no fear of failure I press with patience on my breath. Times of peace I find in the eye of this storm, my mind easing back, back to my dreams & immortal hopes.

With a loud voice as boisterous as thunder I shout, ADVANCE!!!

Patience collides with urgency creating a breath of fervency laced with the command of Man,

” PEACE… Be still!”

The raging storm subsides, frustrations found overrun by patience, I advance towards the climax of this journey.

The waters of relief wash the fatiguing stresses of my mind. I scan the valley of promise surveying all that is mine….

 An exhale of AT LAST exits, as breath is refreshed, I enter into my promise land now finally at rest….