Dusk, So often we pass through this moment of the day, so engulfed in our activities, we rarely find the time to appreciate the amazing gift of masterful creativity displayed for us at the end of each day; I urge you to take some time to stare out your window for just a moment, take a breath, be grateful, & slip away into…


By Edward Taylor III

A rarely captured masterpiece begins to form with the skillful touch of a painter’s brush,

Clouds lightly shaded with a whisper of rose line a blue highlighted evening sky.

A hint of pollen rides upon the breeze of this soft summers’ eve.

The sun begins to retire its post in wake of night’s new moon-

The horizon dances with the colors of autumn as day fades into night;

The rush of life begins to slow..;

The last burst of orange reclines to memory, & just as briskly as it arrives

It sets.

All that is left is the reflection of what once was

A Day…,

A Time…,

A Life…

All concluded by a moment under the shadow of Sunsets’ Portrait…

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