YES! Summer has finally hit the North West, so to celebrate this special occasion I wrote this. I hope you enjoy it as you take a journey to the beach with me on a beautiful…


BY Edward Taylor III

The scent of French Fries mingled with the pollen of newly budding flowers fill the air,

juicy burgers & sweet teas followed by waffle cones dripping their sweet tears liter the tables of board walk bistros,

While sun drenched bodies are massaged by the clear blue sky, Cool waves run onto the sea-shore interrupting a barefoot stroll along the beach;

A pleasant conversation takes place in the background, Two lovers holding hands celebrate their 52nd summer together, while a young man kneels to his love under the shade of a tree;

The sound of classic beauties, rumbling by, in a parade so pristine they can’t help but to catch the twinkle of an eye;

Roller blader’s & concrete surfers roll by, as the laughter of two best friends filter through the noise of their favorite summer song;

Not a cloud in site to accompany children flying their kites,

I smile as I turn & walk away, my heart swollen with joy, As I’m blessed to say,

Thank you LORD for this beautiful Summers day…