I wrote this poem to provoke you to think about how effective are your methods of discipline, now don’t get me wrong I use physical discipline to, when it’s needed, but whats the use if there is no teaching before after the act. To beat a child physically or verbally, just because your frustrated, pissed off, & angry is “in my mind” that’s borderline abuse if not full-on, I know that this is a touchy subject that is very subjective that is why I ask that YOU examine your own methods & come to the conclusion yourself where is the line between…

Discipline vs. Abuse

By Edward Taylor III


The sound of the belt ricochet’s throughout the house;

The shout of “Do what I say nigga!”


Takes me back through my blood line to a meeting with my ancestors to hear those same words,

“Do what I say nigger!”


Then I’m brought back to today to hear the belt…

I mean whip… or is it belt…? Crack the air once again;


This time the screams from a grown man are heard, looking up from the cotton field I see a naked man bound by iron,

I feel for him…


“Do what I say nigga!” shouts are repeated,

I guess this is the best way to teach them… right?

“This Nigger’s got to learn to do what he’s told.”


“BOY! You gonna learn to do what I say!”

Man I wish the border between discipline & abuse was clearly seen, so we can raise men & women without the malicious poison of mean,

These are our sons & daughters, generations which will remember us long after the world has forgotten our names.

Ask yourself parent “How can I change this?” the next time you reach for your whip… I mean belt… or is it whip…? To correct Your child or is it to break your slave?

Your sons & daughters or… Are they Niggas, more properly Niggers;

Let’s as parents not redo what’s already been done, can’t you hear the cries of your young one?

“Teach me!!!”

“With love…”

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